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Introducing Maphper - A lightweight PHP Data Mapper ORM


Please note: This is a work in progress. Maphper is a work in progress however, what has been completed is production ready. The documentation is currently being completed

Maphper is a lightweight PHP data mapper that can support numerous data sources including database tables, xml files, twitter feeds and more.

Maphper takes a simplistic and minimalist approach to data mapping and aims to provide the end user with an intuitive and easy to use API.

Download/View on GitHub

The basic principle behind Maphper is that you can treat a data source (such as a database table) as an array of objects. For example you can use:

echo $products[33]->title;

To fetch the product with ID 33 from the table products and then print the title.

Currently maphper supports:

  • Creating/altering database tables on the fly
  • Composite primary keys
  • Relations between data sources
  • Filtering result sets
  • Sorting and limiting

This is a holding page until the documentation is complete, for up-to-date documentation please see the page on GitHub